Epidemics of "Social Darwinism" in America CyberspaceCapital

Friday, 8 February 2002; 12:00 PM EST

Epidemics of "Social Darwinism" in America

The racist prescription for perfecting the human race, which is presently having a major revival, is the doctrine of "survival of the fittest" guided by the ethic of "Social Darwinism"! That is the theory that helped produce the Holocaust in which 6 million Jews, as well as other minorities and political dissidents were murdered by the Nazis. The Nazi era danger of police failure to protect citizen rights, far from over-stating the situation at hand, is the very reason given by FBI Director Louis J. Freeh, for a new agent training program that was released to the press Friday, June 30, 2000.

Police protection aside, "Social Darwinism" and the rule of capitalist power guided by a philosophy of greed, are also public policy problems in other specific areas of American society and culture. These patterns, some of which involve direct police participation or guidance, are the following:

  • The expected biological diversity crash, involving "mass extinction" of plants and animals that is now underway, posing a major threat to humans in the 21st-century ;

  • An epidemic of youth violence in America, which is officially blamed on "family problems" but is likely caused in significant part according massive research studies conducted over the last five decades, by the heavy repeated examples of violence in entertainment, along with violence in television broadcasting, which as one expert has explained, train children how to kill their classmates, teachers, and anyone else who gets in the way ;

  • An epidemic of death by medical errors in America, the leading cause of which is undue delay of necessary treatment ;

  • An epidemic of death by suicide in America, the causes of which remain uninvestigated (hidden under the cover of silence), although experts say the likely causes are social pressures, also known as assassination by suicide ;

  • Big business and the elite educational institutions that help to design their strategies are engaged in the guided evolution of e-culture by an ethic of centralized control and greed. This could habituate the public to an irrecoverable, debilitating pattern using the sophisticated techniques of game theory and equilibrium selection made famous by the man with "A Beautiful Mind," John F. Nash, Jr., who won the 1994 Nobel Prize in Economics after recovering from a 30-year fall into chronic schizophrenia.

  • The core ideals-in-use of the American Judiciary and legal systems are (and have always been with rare exception) governed by the doctrine of Thrasymachus - the will of the stronger, which is another variation of Social Darwinism - the survival of the fittest.

CyberspaceCapital has posted two essays that help to clarify these dangers and alternative strategies that can overcome them:

  1. Corrupted by Fear, written by Aung San Suu Kyi, the 1991 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, explains how fear of the structures of tyranny is itself the primary problem giving rise to corrupt political power.

  2. Assassination by Suicide: I. The betrayal of capitalism, written by Vigdor Schreibman, is a personal odyssey that shatters the present promises of the Information Age and the myths of American democracy while also opening spectacular new opportunities for genuine progress.

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