Dear friends,

This is an appeal from the PSSP.
Hope you would confirm first.

Our apprehension is that the coming days will be much
more repressive for the people of Kashipur since the
political leaders of the state have joined hands with
the Aditya Birla (Hindalco ) and Alcan authorities
and look desperate to launch the project at any cost.
It is time for all of us to react to such a situation
of state engineered disaster of unthinkable
implications and protest the wrong doings of the
state. Let us appeal for a real full stop to not only
state repression in Kashipur but also to the madness
that is being demonstrated over there in the name of

For all these reasons solidarity of yours and friends
are required.
You can arrange a visit of team of journalists,
writers, columnists and human rights groups or request
them to write on the issue as well as against the
state repression.

You can coordinate the issue with other struggles of

You can act against the police repression by exerting
pressure on different constitutional authorities and
judiciary by requesting them to intervene. Here to say
that the chief minister of Orissa Naveen Patnaik who
holds a constitutional post has become a party to
serving the interest of the MNCs.

Hope you also would help in mobilizing further
supports also.

In struggle,
Yours ,

Debaranjan Sarangi
Activist, PSSP

Postal Address:
Kucheipadar, Kashipur, Rayagada 765015

Phone : 06856-235092 (PP)