Hindu males never enjoy sex , Neither did their Hindu Gandu gods.
Take for example Gandu Krishna, he had dozens of wives, had sex with his own
Aunt - Radha, with his sister Subadhra, with many married women and with
Devadasis (Prostitutes).
Hindu Gandu Shiva Raped many married women resulting in his Phallus (Lingam)
being cut off by Gandu Bramha as a punishment and also to stop him for longing
to have sexual gratification from any of the Rapes.
Gandu Bramha is known to have Raped a jungle bear, Sexually molested Gandu
Shiva's wife (Parvati),ejacu;lated at the sight of parvati's thighs, Raped his
own daughter Sarswati and is holding her captive and claiming her as his
wife (Ghar ki murgi). Gandu Ganesh ( who hindus now claim drinks milk from the
utensils)was found in bed with his mother Parvati resulting in Gandu Shiva
cutting off his head and replacing it with Elephant's head.
Gandu Vishnu, Gandu Bramha, Gandu Shiva all conspired to Rape a married woman .
Gandu rama's father did not have any sexual gratification either ,hence he gave
his wife to three hindu sages/gurus for a night and they too did not have any
gratification but were able to ejaculate from whom rama was procreated. Rama
was later found to be not eligible to rule Ayodhya since he was produced by a
bastard act and since Ram did not have the King's (Father's) blood flowing in
Chaloo kali too did not have any gratification from her hindu male (Shiva).
Hence she took advantage of the stiffness of corpses in cemetries.
Hindu males having sex with Animals are found on the walls of old hindu
Temples. Frustrated, they also built huge Hindu Temples showing nude males and
females engaged in different sexual positions,at times sex performed by male on
male, female on female, and some with polygamous ,pedophilic acts (Hindu
scriptures say male can have sex with a 4 year old girl-BramhaPurana).
Hindus never had/have any sexual gratification from their females nor with
animals . They try to get some false pleasure by sending and watching their
behan,beti, patni,mata wash the Lingam of Shiva, Still frustrated they go and
bow their heads to the Yoni (Vulva) of Chaloo parvati or Kali, Not content
with this they have installed nude idols of Hindu Chaloo (Kali) everywhere and
they are thrilled to call it their mata.
There should be some scientific explaination to all this:
Since Hindus have a big pouch, which collects filth ,it easily petrifies and
causes repulsive odor from the residual urine and semen from last act., Hindu
females do not enjoy due to this,
Hindu males Penis never gets involved in sex since it is the skin that is
rubbing, Bulb glides under the skin causing a masturbating effect. They never
have any contact . It is the bulb and their own skin all the way. What hindu
women feel is only pouchy/squashy skin. and not the Lively throbbing instrument
, resulting in they getting frustrated and opting to marry the fantasy Gandu
Krishna right from childhood since this idea is given by their mothers who have
already experienced the impotency in hindu male. The only time they enjoy is
when they really go to wash the stiff stony Lingam of Shiva, This the male
understands. Frustrated , not able to satisfy the women, nor the animals they
have to go bow their head to Yonis of ganddess. It is a cycle of suffering
caused by the pouchy instrument. Better for them to convert and have it
Circumcised to enjoy the bliss of life. Deprived,they look like Cow affected
with mad cow disease eager to abuse all defenceless minorities children,aged
and women to claim victory.