There was, in Joăo Polino's small Santa Martha, an old lady that, more for addiction than from necessity, she begged for the narrow streets of earth of the district.
Already with more than sixty years, he/she had the habit of trying to date all the youths to find for the road and, for incredible that it seems, a lot of times hshe obtained success in such lunges.
It returns and stocking was found in the bushes and back yards of the houses, semi-nude and fallen asleep. With that smile of who had obtained a lot of pleasure in the frozen nights of the village.
When she didn't obtain success, it was common to find her in any farmer's barn, a lot of times intoxicated.
Such woman collected in the embarrassed hair several types and species of parasites. A lot of times the larvas grew and they completed the evolutionary stages of the specimen, until they fly for new reproduction, probably finding there, new field for the development, of the egg to the adult fly.
When I speak that didn't have need to beg, I send myself to the fact of the same to have retirement and own house.
That house was rarely used by the old lady, becoming one more deposit of their mines for the alleys of the place, where it sought whatever she can imagine and she kidnapped, transforming remains of cans, glasses, destroyed sofas, broken cloth pieces, glass bottles or plastic surgeries; everything, finally, in preciousness kept inside of the house.
The bad smell denounced the decomposition of the kept organic, as the remains of food that accumulated in a room especially separate for that.
One day, more rebelled that punished, some neighbors, tired of denounce to the public health the state in that she was such ruin, they decided to act.
The action was of an odd violence. They invaded the insane poor house and they began to drag everything that they found for the front.
In the room, several “monuments” done with pieces of several materials demonstrated all the one that point the madness had arrived.
Several sculptures in ways reminding children vaguely was dispersed among wood remains, of can and of glasses played by the four songs.
To the simple touch the sculptures came undone, revealing the fragility with that they were done; without any material that adhered the several ones “bricks.”
However, to the they enter in the room where, theoretically, she would sleep to poor lady, they had a surprise.
For the room, children's dispersed, several skeletons of, at the most a year of age, in several positions, seating, lying, in foot, they were dispersed for the room, and the decomposed foods served in plates, as if they were to feed the small infants.
And, lying in the ground, a dead dog, in advanced decomposition state, observed the small starving corpses...