This affirmation of Luis Inácio demonstrates the clarity well and the vision of an administrator sedimented on social bases and a fight of decades for an ideal, demonstrates with clarity the difference between Lula and the pseudo-intellectuals.
The definition on what it is expense and investment far passes of the capacity of understanding of the majority of ours politicians, as well as the difference between growth and development.
Brazil, to the time of the "economic miracle" on the basis of had a aspect of a "done growth" the gigantic indebtedness exactly, that it created a fall in the level of uneven human development.
The deepening of the social differences originated of this "economic growth", tied to the old principle "to grow to divide the cake", was of tragic effect on the coming generations, also the current one.
It associates this, the mismanagement of FHC, based on the same errors, has an indebtedness internal and external gigantic, that had been only minimized now, with the current Government.
Interesting to see that, although terms a economic nor so significant growth, we have an uneven development in the decades after getulianas.
The precision of Luis Inácio on the famous "shock of management", parallel to the "hunters of maharajahs" of the past, in them involuntariamente brings a sad idea that it sends to us, to the disobediences of FHC, with its privatizations justified for the lie to diminish the size of the State
This neoliberal vision is extremely harmful and dangerous, creating the terrible parents of the misery and the hunger, co-sisters of the social injustice.
Of neoliberal politics Brazil already is depleted, needs a new INCLUSIVE society in all the parameters, cultural and also social.We cannot, in hypothesis some, under the risk to be in the rabeira of the humanity, to reactivate such speech, exactly that maquiado under another denomination.
The public office is not the culprit for the mismanagements and the endemic corruption of this our country;it, simply reflects what he is made by the hierarchic superiors.
The generation of jobs and the capable chances for, through vitiated competitions, as the ones that will go to be made in this government, is not that it makes a SHOCK OF QUALITY OF MANAGEMENT, primordial factor for the improvement and not for the trashing of the public system.
The social inclusion also passes therefore.For the valuation of the quality of hand of workmanship, stimulated for wages and freedom of action, beyond the independence of these with relation to the governor of plantão, this yes employee TEMPORARY.
This history of "moralization", normally it is speech of that more contribute for the demoralization - vide Collor, Alcamin, Garotinho, etc…
The speech of these politicians for is excessively known e, all knows, conflicting with the practical politics of this group.
Let us wake up, therefore on affirmed for Luis Inácio so that let us can fight so that this INCLUSION if becomes effective in our country.
Another aspect importantíssimo is the differentiation, of EXPENSE with INVESTMENT, this factor is primordial so that let us can separate, conscientiously, the joio of the wheat.
Investment implies in harvest, expense denotes loss.
In the daily plantation of social politics, we will harvest a NEW WORLD, a new social reality, and a new hope.
The "expenses" are, normally, purely eleitoreiros aspects, without practical result, not to be the votes in a new election, and this public money wastefulness is inadmissible, mainly in a poor country as ours.
When expenses are computed, if it generates misery and submission, good in contrast of the independence created for the investments.
The difference of these terms is not only semantics, in the truth differentiates quality of money application, the investments is come across with 0 variable related to the social benefit, the expenses, for the the opposite, denotes eleitoreiros profits or wasted money on the other hand.
Now, they ask to me on the money applied in pparently demagógicos the social programs as the hunger-zero, what it would be
These programs are not of aid in the bad evaluation of the word, but of aid in the real direction of the word - TO ATTEND, TO HELP who is in situation of total abandonment is not alone social politics and YES evangelho OF CHRIST in the practical one and the essence.
To blame some government for acting as Christian, is to be hypocritical.
Killing the hunger of the hungry poor person and is, at the very least, obligation of a society that, for the long one of its History, was the GENERATING of this misery.
This debt of the country with he himself, with the majority of the forgotten slaves and, needy them of this Brazil, in all the e regions cities, has that to be paid and NEEDS TO BE PAID, is necessary to treat this subject with a CHRISTIAN LOOK and not purely economic.
Squid, when differentiating these terms, demonstrates the understanding capacity that is the cell to mater for this new world that if approaches, where all we will have reinstalled in our hearts the PRIDE TO BE BRAZILIAN.
It is so good for being alive at this moment of transformation, transistion of an enslaved society for a libertarian, CHRISTIAN world.