One billion and 400 millions of people live without drinkable water. The air is made up of about 0,4% of water vapour: this looks like an infinitesimal percentage, but itís about billions of cubic metres of water. You just have to switch on an ordinary fridge and leave the freezer half-open and you see that little drops of water and ice will form.

The production may be of even 2-3 litres per day. Thanks to an ordinary fridge, a family can obtain from the atmosphere enough drinkable water to live. With 2 or 3 fridges you can even cultivate a field through the drop-by-drop system.

Until aqueducts to grant everyone free water are not built or until Schiettiís Engine is not given to everyone, you need solar panels to make fridges work in the desert. The energy cost of a litre of fridge water is less than a litre of bottle water moved for thousands of kilometres. And moreover, condensation water is 100% pure.

A small kit with Schiettiís Serpentine, a container to gather water and a mini solar panel to optimise the yield would cost no more than 50-70 euros. With 50-70 euros you can have up to 3-5 litres of free drinkable water every day. Gurgle, gurgle, gurgle Ö and itís even fresh.. and with powders you can make tea, milk and orange-juice!

The global revolution has just begun: free water and energy for all, by 2010, as promised!